About Us



Inside our nutshell, you shall find a close-knit team of kindred spirits who have come together to create and find those pieces for your home that, quite simply, feel so very special. Those pieces that you can't ever see yourself wanting to part from, that provide a soft update to enduring classics, and that appreciate quality in the fullest sense.

2011 saw us biting the bullet to do what we had always dreamt of, one day, achieving – to open the 'doors' to our gently-does-it little shop that could be a home to all things beautiful, honest and kind.

Today, we look back fondly to the days of trundling the length and width of the country. Hand-delivering our earliest pieces in a rather embarrassingly bright blue van – we used to park its unsightly figure around the corner from our customers' homes so as to not be associated with it! And we smile at the hours after sunset spent melting bars of chocolate and stamping and wrapping the wren motif we'd put inside each and every parcel as a small but sweet surprise gift.

Nine years has gone by in the blink of an eye, but we couldn't have got here without the love and support of our creative community. Our early ethos remains unchanged, and while we know many find the word 'lovely' overused, for us, it really is our purpose for being. We care to create lovely things, to govern ourselves in a way that is only ever lovely, and to make the lives of those people who discover us that little bit lovelier too. The notion of ever disappointing you keeps us awake at night. So rest assured that more than anything we believe that we are in this together.

Here is to a life more beautifully lived.

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