Caring For Your Hardware

Carefully considered hardware always forms the backbone of a room, the finishing nuts and bolts that ensure its smooth running and aesthetic cohesion. Here we have compiled some helpful tips for cleaning and caring for your hardware, along with guidance on installation to ensure each piece adorns your space with timeless elegance.

Living Finishes

Our hardware pieces boast a living finish that gracefully evolves over time. Through regular handling, certain areas may lighten or develop a subtle patina, showcasing the beauty of natural ageing. Embracing this natural change in finish reduces the need for extensive maintenance, allowing the finish to pass through years and use growing in character all the while.

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Cleaning & Care

To care for your hardware, gently clean the surface with a lightly damp, non-abrasive cloth. Immediately wipe away any residual moisture with a dry cloth. Please refrain from using cleaning agents, metal polishes like Brasso, or scouring pads as they may harm the finish. 

For our finishes, occasionally applying a light layer of wax, such as Briwax, will both protect and enhance the finish without altering its integrity. Over time, accidental scratches will tarnish and dull, enhancing the authentic antique appearance.

Notes on Installation

Handles and Latches 

Due to their handcrafted nature, the overall dimensions and hole locations can vary slightly so we suggest affixing them to your cabinets individually, rather than pre-drilling every hole. 

Each piece comes complete with slotted raised countersunk wood screws in a coordinatng finish. To best match the finish of the handle or latch, the screws are made from solid brass, which is a relatively soft metal. Because of this, we suggest pre-drilling pilot holes and applying screw wax to the thread to minimise the amount of pressure on the screw during installation. 

Please note that while most of our handles are affixed from the front, the Grove Rectangular Cup Handle is attached through the back of the cabinet door or drawer. 


The supplied fixings screw into the back of the hardware through the back of the cabinet door or drawer. Two lengths of M5 screws are supplied, 2.5cm and 5.0cm, which can be cut to length depending on the cabinet thickness.