Should time flurry by and the opportunity for gifting not present itself until deep December, remember that we have made our Christmas delivery cut-off date as late as we possibly can. 

Accessories and Decorations
You will have until midday on Friday 20th December to make up your mind, and we pledge to deliver up until the night before Christmas. 

Last-moment Furniture
Festive delivery dates for furniture are unique to your postcode. To see if we are still able to deliver to your home before Christmas, simply speak to our care team on 01276 451 077 or


At this point of the year, promotions present themselves each way you turn. But at Rowen & Wren, we have always instead favoured donating as opposed to discounting when Black Friday happens upon us.

Each year, we choose to donate a portion of sales made on Black Friday to a charity close to our hearts. This, we feel, is a more worthy cause and a more kind-hearted agenda, so that together, we can give back.

Should you decide to purchase anything from us tomorrow, Friday 29th November, know that 10% will be gifted to The Honey Pot – a young carers charity local
to the home of Rowen & Wren.

We can but hope that our contribution will be some source of support in giving a child a chance at childhood.

Is there not something deeply enriching about stepping back for a moment to be nothing but recognisant of our lot? To be thoughtful and to be thankful about what life has brought our way, to appreciate the minutiae and the major in our circumstances, to eat, drink and be merry much before Christmastime descends in full fervour?

Over the oceans do those live who come together to celebrate the holiday that is Thanksgiving. Whether your home is found here or it is more a case of you paying homage to a cherished cultural norm, we are firm advocators of opening our minds and hearts to true expressions and reflections of gratitude.

So come forth 28th November – an occasion to surround yourself with the finest of food and the dearest of fellows and a shared sense of appreciation for all and sundry.



For those whose attention is turning in the direction of gifting and decorating for the forthcoming festivities, know that you we have made our Christmas delivery cut-off date as late as we possibly can.

You will have until midday on Friday 20th December to make up your mind and we pledge to still be able to deliver it to you in time for the night before Christmas. For last-moment furniture however, festive delivery dates are unique to your postcode. Simply speak to our care team to see when is the latest we could deliver to your home address.

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From the ashes of Bonfire Night does a sense of magic rise. By now, mindsets have moulded, ready to warmly greet winter’s presence. By now, thoughts of candied peel and spice-dusted wines tempt, rather than rush us before we’re ready to bid adieu to autumn. By now, carolling and Christmas card writing is a pastime to anticipate merrily. For it is when Christmas moves slowly onto the horizon that we appreciate it most.

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‘To have and to hold’. Such phrasing rushes to mind whenever we create a new piece for our hardware collection. Be it a cabinet pull or a hallway hook, to overlook a home’s staples is to overlook an opportunity in quiet beauty.

Take note that such beauty is not purely visual. The smoothed contours of a door’s handle traced by palms and fingertips, the serene glide of S-hooks as they are drawn down the length of a rail, the sublimely satisfying pegging-into-place of towels and robes over a helpful hook – there’s beauty to be found in the most fleeting of motions.

It is with this level of slow thought and fastidious detail that our new hardware collection was sculpted.

It is now that every piece comes into full view.

See the full hardware collection here. 

Autumn is here to be savoured. In the blink of an eye, the golden haze, the russet leaves, and the orange strewn pumpkin patches fade from view to be displaced by winter’s formidable form. 

Take hold of every moment that autumn presents. Crunch fallen leaves, collect conkers, and tonight, go forth and carve a pumpkin, or two. 

See our Autumnal Collection here. 

Does a product not become all the more beautiful when the story behind it is a happy one? A tale of integrity, honesty, heart and soul? For us, the answer here is a resounding yes, and it is why when curating our collections, we gather close only those pieces with such beauty radiating from within.The materials and the maker contribute just as greatly to your home’s tapestry.

It is, therefore, with the utmost pleasure that we share the wares of British ceramicist, Rebecca Williams. What was once a peaceful pastime has become an enriching vocation that sees her in her pottery workshop, hands deftly sculpting, fingers rhythmically guiding from-the-earth clay into her homely, hand-made ceramics.

To pass hands over one of her potter’s wheel pieces is to cherish a true labour of love.

Browse the entire Autumn collection here.

Like a moth to a flame are we drawn to the gratifyingly humble and at once comforting kitchen table. Whether laden with fresh-from-the-toaster crumpets and a still-whistling teapot at sunrise, or a trivet topped with a casserole pot and bowls waiting to be filled come supper, it beckons always with a promise of nourishment and delectable delights.  Even when laid bare, the memory of meals eaten upon it and the anticipation of feasts to follow around it make the kitchen table a sight to savour.
Underestimate not, therefore, the pleasures to be had in dressing it at each opportune moment all autumn long. Tuck cutlery into linen pockets for the simplest of suppers, reach for a tablecloth even for a briefest of breakfasts, and let there always be a matchbox just an arm’s stretch away for bathing your tabletop in the gentlest of glows for any mealtime repose.

For us, and we should suspect for many of you too, the enjoyment of a meal comes not only from the food itself but from the setting in which we dine and the care that goes into preparing each delicious dish. Whether it’s a last minute, rustic picnic, or a spectacular Sunday roast with all the trimmings, each and every element of any considered repast benefits from a mindful approach to preparation, cooking and presentation.

“Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future; live the actual moment. Only this moment is life.” – Thich Nhat Hanh”

In savouring, blissful moments present themselves that we wish never to curtail, and the seasons elongate as our senses become heightened to the subtle changes in our ingredients. Cooking and setting the table have become increasingly conscious practices and one of our greatest inspirations for each is the Our Food Stories blog.

The two talented women that write and run it, food stylist Laura Muthesius and photographer Nora Eisermann, combine their perfectly attuned skills to lure us into a world of unique recipes set against magical backdrops.

Their work combines an ever-present love of design with a powerful passion for food. Their revered recipes leave us wistfully pondering what we’re going to make for dinner tomorrow. And their tales from afar have us dreaming of where we should wander for our next adventure.

What we adore most is the fact that just as much thought, care and attention to detail goes into their table settings as into the food itself. There is a story to be told with each individual recipe and the considered styling helps bring that story to life for their guests.

Laura and Nora’s food-first storytelling goes beyond their own kitchen and follows them around the world to some beautiful destinations where they always “search for the most charming houses with a kitchen”. They say, “cooking with local ingredients is how we get to know the food in another country” – we can’t think of a better way to truly understand the individuality of a place.

Whether you’re looking for some dining table styling advice, food-first travel inspiration or you’re simply looking to spend more time in the kitchen experimenting with seasonal ingredients, we know you will feel taken care of by @ourfoodstories.

O glorious September. 

Is it not one of the most considerate of transition months? Not hurrying us from one season and into the next, but leading us gradually and gaily. September is a juncture during which we savour summer’s lasting ripeness before watching it wither with grace and gratitude. September is autumn’s softly shaken awakening, our period of realignment to embrace a new season’s advent.
It is with this unhurried pace in mind that autumn at Rowen & Wren comes into view. Pieces appear slowly, rusted and blanketed tones fall steadily, and textures akin to a comforting embrace settle in readily. Here lay the opportunities to ease ourselves into autumn’s beckoning warmth.
Uncover autumn’s arrivals here.

We have always had a deep appreciation for the simple things in life – a freshly ground cup of coffee, the crackle of an open fire, the sound of the trees rustling in one of autumn’s gust. The pleasures to be had in the uncomplicated are often the most enriching.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.” – Robert Brault

 As summer fades into autumn – the colours in our peripheral vision a golden blur glinting as we go about our day to day – and the afternoons begin to shorten, take time to notice the subtleties in Mother Nature’s seasons. Whilst part of us still yearns for long summer evenings, the change in scenery brings us great joy, gently reminding us that each season has its own winsome characteristics.

On such a topic of simplicity and seasonality, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to a home from home that we discovered recently – Settle Norfolk. A private 30-acre parkland, stay awhile and camp in its beautiful bell tents, retreat for the week in a rustic cabin or spend the night in one of their charming railway carriages.

Tucked away on the outskirts of Norwich, the secluded parkland is a place to feel instantly at home. Each and every intricate detail has been carefully considered, from timber-clad interiors that emanate woodland character in keeping with its surroundings to the beautifully packaged weekend breakfast baskets that turn up on your doorstep. There is not a morsel left uncared.

Books on ‘How To Make Coffee’ accompany hand grinders and pour-over kettles, and the log fire patiently awaits tending. Settle Norfolk elegantly defines the art of slow, restorative living – putting patience and beauty back into the things our world tends to hurry…

A visit we know would be hard to return from.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the launch of its new website and, in the meantime, you can see more over on their glorious feed @settlenorfolk.

Imagery courtesy @haarkon.

As one season supplants another, nature’s subtle changes creep in stealthily. They gather momentum, gradually, all the while beneficently bequeathing their last gifts to the ensuing days. Just so, as late summer gives way to the russet-reds of autumn, the legacy of its hot sun bestows its gifts in the form of dried florals baked in the summer sun, later harvested to enjoy inside even as the mercury dips and drops. 

Discover our earliest Autumn arrivals here. 

Reuse and repurpose: the imperatives that once ran through the lives of our grandparents have now come full circle to our own and, as ever, from necessity is born beautiful invention. The Recycled Glass Bottle Lamp Base uses salvaged material to create a rustic, ambient light with a soft green-blue tint; dressed up with a lampshade (it is ideal with our Natural Cotton Drum Shade), or left unadorned without, it transforms any room by emitting a soft warm glow, while creating a rustic yet elegant accent.

Coming very soon to Rowen & Wren, the Autumn Winter 2019 Collection…

It’s often said that the way we begin our day will determine what the rest of that day will look like. For us, mornings grant us time for quiet reflection, considered preparation and little, uninterrupted moments of soft, dappled light before the world awakens. 

Our collection of elegantly framed looking glasses – whether hanging or lean-to window mirrors, are a beautiful addition to the home and perfect for adding a little extra light to an interior space.