A Bathroom Renovation Story

23 Jul 2021

A Bathroom Renovation Story

Model, writer, creator Catarina Mira has long been a kind supporter and friend to us at Rowen & Wren. So, it was with great delight to hear she wanted to invite a handful of our pieces into her soon-to-be-renovated bathroom. Here we share with you notes from our conversation in this exclusive Q&A where we discuss her home, her hopes for her renovation and her happiness with the finished result just before the arrival of her very-first baby.

Where’s home? Wherebouts in the country is it and in what sort of building?

“Home is in East London, Leyton specifically – God, it feels weird saying that. I moved from Portugal to London nine years ago and never thought I would settle here, but this is where my heart is now. We purchased an end-of-terrace victorian house two years ago and have been slowly renovating it ever since.”

Describe the look you were hoping to achieve with your bathroom renovation.

“For me, a bathroom is almost like a temple, it should have lots of light and be an inviting place rather than a cold and sterile room as a lot of bathrooms seem to end up being. We just wanted better use of space, more natural light and a minimal vibe yet full of character.”

Which R&W pieces did you pick out and what was it about each one that drew you in?

“Most of my bathroom accessories are by R&W. I think you guys have the most beautiful curation of accessories for all areas of the house.

“In this instance, we went for lots of beautiful antique brass accessories because we love their cosy warm glow, easygoing elegance, and old-school style.

“Those warm details totally make the difference in this bathroom, especially the Leland candle holder. I can’t tell you how magical it is to lighten it up on a rainy day while having a bath.”

How did you first come across R&W? And do you have any more of our pieces in your home?

“I think it was via another content creator friend of mine, Eimear Varian Barry. She also has one of your candle holders in her bathroom and as soon as I saw it I thought, that’s such a good idea, I want that too! I have several R&W home accessories; you’re my go-to for pieces wrapped in a nostalgic haze.”

If you had to pick a favourite piece in your new bathroom which would it be?

“As mentioned earlier, I love, love, love the Leland candle holder. Mainly because it feels like it doesn’t belong to a bathroom. That’s why I also have a painting in here; it’s not what you usually find in a bathroom and I like that.”

With your soon-to-arrive little one, will this become your family bathroom or will it be more of a sanctuary just for you?

“Unfortunately, this is the only bathroom we have, so it will be shared between all of us, dog included! One day, when we can afford to do a loft extension, we would love to build a wet room. One day…”

If you could summarise R&W in a sentence, what would you say?

“For me, R&W is the cherry on the cake, it’s where you find all the pieces you need to give that extra bit of a character to any room.”

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