In Bloom: Springtime Scenes in the Garden

22 May 2024

Tulip season, which so gloriously heralds the arrival of spring, is now, petal by petal, giving way to the dawn of the allium. I completely adore the riot of colour that the tulips brought to the garden after so long a winter, but I equally love them in their swan song as their fleshy, splaying petals shed by the day and the annual farewell is infinitely sweetened by balls of vivid purple and white as they burst into flower.

I always marvel at the strength and straightness of their stems, which seem able to survive even the strongest of winds. Meanwhile, adding to the purple palette are the lovely Camassias I planted around the lawn, which are now coming into flower and looking truly delightful amongst the young grasses.
Still, farewells are never easy and I will particularly miss my tulip ‘Copper Image’, which has been a new favourite this year. For now, they are still in bloom and I adore their peony-like form as they open and then begin to fade, all closed cups followed by lavish displays towards the end. Plans are already afoot to add more of this variety in the autumn so that there will be plenty for picking and thus dotting about the house next year.
I love watching the meadow at the back of the lawn springing into life, especially as it reaches its glorious apex, teeming with wildflowers and dotted with laden fruit trees. I like to keep my empty pots lined up on the surrounding wall in front of it, and so I was delighted to spot this pink campion, an escapee from the meadow which has taken up residence in the pot, casually looking as though it had been intentionally planted there. A very happy accident and a very happy weed.
Back in the greenhouse, my geraniums and pelargoniums are basking in the warmer weather, which feels very welcome after the long wait through a cold and damp early-to-mid spring. They are in good company with my mini cucumber plant, which I am cultivating especially for my two girls. These are perfectly sized to grow in a pot and the girls like to eat them whole straight off the plant, just as they ought.
The bed opposite my kitchen patio is currently replete with alliums, daisies and cow parsley, all jostling together in a riot of fresh greens and white florals and making my heart sing as I do the washing up.


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