Behind the Scenes of SS21

24 Feb 2021

Behind the Scenes of SS21
One of our favourite points of the Rowen & Wren calendar is our seasonal photoshoots. A meeting of creative minds, they’re when we go off-grid for a handful of days to lose ourselves in our favourite forest location that’s come to feel like the imaginary Rowen & Wren home. It’s also when we get to see the fruits of our design team’s labour as all the various tenants of a new collection come together as a rather pleasing whole. Until then, we’re likely to have only seen aspects here and aspects there, curating the collection in segments and visualising them as one cohesive entity via sample days and moodboard sessions. Our photoshoots are when we can smile joyfully at one another as we appreciate the sweet sound of a finely-tuned melody.  

It is on our shoots too where we put great focus into storytelling moments of what inspires us most of all. Mother Nature then features heavily in our imagery, taking the time always to step away from product to instead position the lens on what might be sprouting outdoors, what cloud formations drift above us, which sights and sounds of the season do we wish to weave into our collection’s narrative. For Spring/Summer 2021, we thought much of the idea of living off the land, so to the vegetable patch we headed, and gathered homegrown harvests in our trusty garden trug, which served us for pasta-based lunches and courgette-full suppers.

And with each of our latest collections, you might have noticed that we have begun sharing more insights into the people behind the lens. Our photographer Em, our designer Alex, our co-founder Lucy and her toddling daughter who accompanied us on this particular shoot, keeping close companion and office pup Rufus happy. It is those candidly caught moments of life at Rowen & Wren that we’re learning to get braver about showing. Shy as we may be, it’s been a great pleasure to hear how so many of you have enjoyed getting to know us better. 

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