Boxing Day Toasties

26 Dec 2021

Boxing Day Toasties
With the nut roast polished off and enough roast potatoes eaten to last you a lifetime, each year we’re faced with how on earth to spruce up all of the Christmas Day leftovers. This year our suggestion is thus – toasties. Whether pressed and crimped in sandwich-maker stowed away at the back of a cupboard somewhere or thrown onto a griddle over hot embers and wrapped up in parchment paper as we prefer, here are the two tried-and-tested combinations from our festive shoot. One for the veggies and one for the otherwise inclined…

Red Cabbage, Cranberry Sauce and Camembert

From the pantry
2 rounds of seeded bloomer bread
3-4 slices of Camembert cheese
1 heaped tablespoon of cooked red cabbage
A hearty dollop of cranberry sauce

1. Butter the top and bottom side of each piece of bread – it seems counter-intuitive but even over open flames, 
it’ll help to nicely crisp up your toastie.
2. Spoon and spread as much cranberry sauce as you fancy over one side of bread as your first filling.
3. Top your sauce with braised red cabbage – and if you fancy adding turkey, this is the perfect point to do so.
4. Finally, layer several slices of camembert over your toppings, keeping them away from the crusts so not too much oozes out.
5. With your other piece of bread firmly in place, press down, and get toasting until you notice the camembert melting merrily.

Pigs-in-blankets and Red Leicester

From the pantry
2 rounds of seeded bloomer bread
3-4 slices of Red Leicester cheese
3 pigs-in-blankets sliced lengthways
An optional drizzling of gravy

1. Just as with our vegetarian toastie, start by buttering your bloomer bread on the outside.
2. Then start your layering, beginning with the cheese (as it doesn’t sit on top of sausages quite as well!), followed by your pigs-in-blankets.
3. Finally, if you think you’d benefit from a little sauce, why not spoon over a bit of leftover Christmas Day gravy? And away you go…

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