Flora's Rye Waffles With Strawberries

03 May 2024

Flora's Rye Waffles With Strawberries

What better way to embrace the unhurried rhythm of a weekend morning than with Flora Sheddon's latest culinary creation? This time, she invites us to indulge in her Rye waffles with Strawberries – a symphony of flavors that sings of lazy brunches and the simple joys of life. With each bite, the crisp texture of rye meets the juicy sweetness of fresh strawberries, creating a harmony that dances on the palate. 

Will make 10-12 waffles depending on your waffle maker


160g self raising flour
90g rye flour
1 tsp baking powder
50g caster sugar
pinch of salt
100g yoghurt
200g whole milk
2 eggs
100g sourdough starter (optional)
small dash of vanilla bean paste

unsalted butter
400g strawberries
100g caster sugar
juice of 1 lemon
1 vanilla pod split lengthways (vanilla bean paste would also work)


1. Preheat your oven to 170C. 

2. Cut the strawberries in half and place on a deep roasting tray so they are snuggly fitting. Cover with the sugar and lemon juice and toss together. Scoop out the vanilla seeds from the pod using the back of a knife and mix through the strawberries. Add the vanilla pod to the mix and place in the oven for 10-20 minutes or until the strawberries have softened but are still holding their shape. Set aside.

3. For the waffles weigh the flours, baking powder, sugar and salt in a large bowl and whisk together. In a separate bowl mix together the yoghurt, milk, eggs and sourdough (if using). Once well combing pour into the dry ingredients and whisk together will a little vanilla bean paste.

4. Preheat your waffle maker or iron following instructions. I add a small knob of butter in between waffles to make sure they don't stick but also to add flavour.

5. Cook the waffles until golden brown and well puffed up.

6. To serve place the waffles on the plate and dust with icing sugar. Spoon the cooled strawberries on top alongside the syrup left in the pan. This would also be delicious with creme fraiche or thick greek yoghurt.

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