Thoughts for Father's Day

08 Jun 2021

Thoughts for Father's Day

Come Sunday 19th June, Father’s Day shall be upon us once more. A single calendar date to show gratitude to pa, to pops or perhaps to father figures, we turned to the gents of Rowen & Wren to ask what they might like to be gifted from their respective wee ones out of our entire collection. From our co-founder Graeme’s rather large ask from toddling daughter Alma (she shall promptly need to begin saving her pocket money) to our designer Alex who instead focuses on what he would give rather than receive (for there is no mini Alex roaming the earth just yet), how we hope our very personal edit aids in your present-picking! 

As chosen by…Lewie

Checked Linen Dressing Gown

Now that it’s warming up, I need a lighter weight dressing gown to ‘slip into’ when mooching about the house, so this linen offering looks really great for me. I like to own clothes that are hard-wearing and age well, and I think this’ll fit in nicely.”

Minos Terracotta Pots

“I’m getting more into house plants and have had my eye on these Minos pots for a little while. They’ll look great on our kitchen windowsill and one of my Crassula Ovata (money trees) will look lovely living in the largest of the three.”

As chosen by…Alex

Rusted Outdoor Pizza Oven

“It’d be wonderful one year (when I’m feeling particularly generous!) to give a Rusted Outdoor Pizza Oven for Father’s Day. As we’re coming out of lockdown and experiencing some sunshine, it’d make the ideal centrepiece to garden gatherings of family and friends. A gift that the enjoyment of could be shared with as many people as you’re able to make pizzas for!”

Bodin Craft Beer Glasses

“What goes perfectly with some crispy-based pizzas that have been prepared in the Rusted Outdoor Pizza Oven? A nice cold, refreshing beverage which has been lovingly presented in our Bodin Craft Beer Glasses. A shape that is as delightful to hold, as it is to drink a favourite craft ale from.”

As chosen by…Graeme

Sudbury Garden Bench

“A little cheeky and I might not get it until Alma’s in her twenties, but I’d love a Sudbury Garden Bench – perfect for relaxing in the garden and topping up my tan!”

Laurel Beer Glasses

“Relaxing in the sun wouldn’t be the same without a Laurel glass in hand – preferably being constantly topped up with a nice cold beer. A perfect Father’s Day if you ask me!”

As chosen by…Mark

Sneeboer Garden Spade

“I was last to pick and should have got in there quicker as both of the beer glasses have been taken now! In their place, with the sudden and long-awaited onset of what finally feels like summer, the garden has come to life and needs tending and enjoying in equal measure. A Sneeboer spade (steps essential to save lightly-shod feet in the warm weather) takes care of the tending, so I’ll add that to my wishlist.”

Ingrid Linen Throw

“To that I’ll add the Ingrid Linen Throw to relax with when the chores are complete and it’s time to admire the fruits of the day’s labour. Cold beer can be assumed, like Graeme.”

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