Winter Negroni – A Recipe

27 Dec 2019

Winter Negroni – A Recipe

The plates have been cleared, the figgy pudding devoured, the gifts unwrapped and the carols sung. In the days of Christmas past, recoup gently before the desire to host once more takes hold and New Year’s Eve comes into plain sight. 

In response to the question that so many of you wrote in to ask us – what will we be serving our guests for 2019’s closing act? – let us present our delectable seasonal Negroni. Spiced with star anise, scented with orange rind, garnished with burnt rosemary, and served in the fair hands of our Clara flared glasses, it is an apéritif aspiring to toast to a year been and (almost) gone.

In the place of the much-expected gin measure, this cocktail introduces English sparkling wine (or Prosecco, though we favour keeping things local wherever possible). To lighten its heady concoction, pour your choice of fizz to the top of the glass and you might perhaps be able to enjoy more than just one. 


Per serving

25ml Campari

25ml sweet vermouth 

25ml English sparkling wine

1 star anise

1 shaving of orange rind

1-2 fresh rosemary sprigs 

1 large ice cube 

Steps for serving 

1. Decant all three, equally-measured liquids into a cocktail shaker. Tumble vigorously for a few moments to combine.

2. Place a single, large ice cube (for these chill the cocktail best without quickly diluting) in the Clara glass and slowly pour the Negroni blend on top. 

3. Drop a star anise into the glass followed by the orange rind. Before adding the rosemary, light it at one end so that it begins to char, and then delicately place it into the liquid. It should naturally extinguish itself and remain slightly smouldering so that you enjoy a richer fragrance as you sip. You may wish to add a second sprig for a stronger botanical note. 


To watch our winter Negroni being made and served, we invite you to watch our short, festive film. And from all of us at Rowen & Wren, we wish you the happiest of new years. 


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