Our Christmas Collection

The wonder of Christmas is bound up inextricably with memories and tradition, swirling around like snowflakes until past and present dance merrily together, binding generations together across time. Our new festive collection nods to the timeless rituals that we hold dear and remind us of Christmases past. Our hand-painted baubles, our artisan-crafted Nepalese wrapping paper, and our decorative pieces, lovingly made by hand to add festive flourishes here, there and everywhere: each one is an expression of Christmas at its most enchanting.


Handmade in Nepal

Butter-soft and subtly frayed, our handmade wrapping paper long ago earned its place as one of our most enduring festive traditions. Made from Lokta found in Nepal’s native mulberry bushes, there are three new colourways for Christmas, all richly pigmented and finely patterned. For us, it completes the perfect seasonal scene: a small but thoughtfully chosen collection of beautifully wrapped presents sitting beneath a twinkling tree.


Hand Painted Baubles

Few rituals are more enchanting than the annual unboxing and dusting down of beloved Christmas baubles, some as old as we are. And, each year, it brings fresh joy to add a small selection of future heirlooms to our collection of festive decorations. This Christmas, our newest treasures come courtesy of Lily in our product team, who designed each perfect piece which, from this year forward, will adorn and enrich every seasonal spruce.


On The Table

To lay a table with care is an act of love. And, as with so many things at Christmas, that sentiment is amplified ten-fold, glowing with each and every candle lit, every heirloom piece of cutlery laid. It is, perhaps, our very favourite task on the festive to-do list – not least because it both casts a special magic and it spells the imminence of the most indulgent feast of the year.


A Handcrafted Touch

We are pleased and proud that so many of the new additions to our festive family are made by hand. Appreciating and upholding artisanal skill is at our core. Alice Passingham’s magical tinkling ceramic bell, and our new collection of elegant dinner candles, each handcrafted in England from 100% British beeswax, are just a few examples of the meticulous craftsmanship we celebrate.


The Warmest of Welcomes

Hosting cherished guests amidst the enchanting warmth of Christmas is an excuse to extend comfort and joy to every corner of home. Transform guest bedrooms into inviting retreats, complete with sumptuous beds piled high with charming quilts. And for gathering spaces, our meticulously crafted range of sofas and armchairs, set the stage for joyful conversations and the weaving of cherished memories.