Spring, a time for renewal and a great sense of freshness.

So very true for the great outdoors, but so too for your great indoors. Let us then welcome in spring and with it, a whole host of new designs, new makers and new ways to nest with hand embroidery, comforting green textiles and wooden wares in hand...

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Our Spring Lookbook

Should you prefer to ease yourself into a new season gradually, like we do, let our latest lookbook take you by the hand through our new collection.


In Motion

Our Short Spring Film

The flowers – spire-like and splendiferous, colourful and blowsy; the tableware – a pick and mix of pattern and palette; the seasonal spread – from mottled pink borlotti beans to intriguing lemon crystal cucumbers. Enjoy our short film of spring coming into focus.



Meet The Makers

Makers, of any kind, are a special variety of folk. Problem solvers, utility lovers, creatives to the core – label them as you please, they are the lifeblood of Rowen & Wren. So here, we celebrate but a smattering of the many nimble-fingered souls we’re so privileged to work with to open a window into the world of our Spring 2022 collection.