For quite some time we’ve been coveting the work of London based fine artist and graphic designer, Caroline Popham. Her current artwork explores themes of repetition, imperfection, process and colour, which tends to be in a minimal (but very beautiful) palette of neutrals, inky blues, warm pinks and terracottas. Such colours are introduced with a great deal of texture through Carolines use of mixed media, creating a remarkable depth throughout her work and thus making it irresistibly tactile. Caroline proudly holds a Graduate Diploma in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts and has established herself as a highly sought after graphic designer, working with clients including Louis Vuitton, Dior and Christian Louboutin. Follow her Instagram to stay up to date with her latest projects (@carolinepopham), after perusing her posts we’re entirely sure, much like us you will leave hoping to one day own a piece for yourself.