Eco-conscious places of escape

On this day, 22nd April 2020, the world unites to mark the 50th instalment of Earth Day. Celebrate the use of natural materials in our collection we shall, as well as the network of kindred British makers with whom we work to reduce our carbon footprint. Though, we care to share too a small selection of boltholes in the UK which have sustainability at heart for us to look forward to visiting when we are allowed into the wild once more. 

The Grove, Hertfordshire
This first and fine hotel is to be found not too far from the capital and is set within 300 acres of countryside. It was once the home of the Earl of Clarendon and since its restoration has continued to be associated with finery, suiting those who seek both splendour and sustainable practices. 

We note it here not for its eco-aware build or use of renewable energy, but for its recent Green Apple Environment Award which applauds its continued strive towards sustainability. It is a partner for the Clean the World programme as well as the New Hope Trust charity, demonstrating its desire to not solely serve the planet in its conscious efforts but humanity also. 

Old Lands, Monmouthshire 
Environmental wellbeing is safeguarded so closely at this rambling family estate. Guests are encouraged to regain intimacy with nature with much foraging, workshops with its ecologists, forest school classes for children, and bird watching to be done. 

But Old Lands goes far beyond a nature-centric roster of activities. Its three dwellings are decorated with non-toxic paints and recycled or upcycled materials. Even the products used for cleaning are comprised only of natural ingredients, and the estate is run with solar water heating. 

Hex Cottage, Suffolk
Small yes, but so very sustainable, Hex Cottage is a place of seclusion and escape in Suffolk’s Wilderness Reserve and operates on a zero electricity policy. 

Thatched, tucked away and rather romantic in its appearance, its sustainable story is as charming too, transporting you to simpler times where the only light to be had between dusk and dawn is from candles. The Esse woodburning stove offers warmth and hot water for bathtime, and you are protected from digital distractions and the modern world’s over-zealous energy consumption. A stay here leaves you feeling with a refreshed perspective of protecting Mother Nature.

Herb House Spa at Lime Wood, Hampshire
A visit to the secluded Lime Wood hotel in the New Forest is an indulgence in every sense, from the impeccably British interiors to the Angela Hartnett kitchen. It is however its adjoining Herb House Spa that receives sustainable applause.

It is one of a few British spas that uses only organic ingredients and one hundred per cent natural mud in its treatments. Its changing areas and washrooms offer ethical and sustainable brand Bamford so that the good of nature is felt throughout. Additionally, its indoor pool is o-zone treated and its Raw & Cured restaurant presents dishes that are locally grown and sustainable in their ingredient procurement. The Herb House has also committed to reducing plastic consumption by joining hands with 100% carbon neutral water filtration provider, Belu, who also donate the entirety of its profits to end water poverty. 

Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall
Many write that this clifftop getaway is a pioneer in hotel sustainability, and it has indeed been awarded many an accolade for precisely this, such as gold status in the Green Tourism awards. 

Upon being constructed, more than 120 small reptiles that called the site their home were carefully collected and rehomed, and the orientation of the building then positioned to maximise the sun’s offering which could be converted into power to heat the hotel in conjunction with that generated by wasted wood chips. The living roof too provides ecological diversity and provides natural insulation, while the solar-heated outdoor pool is free from chemicals and cleaned by sea reeds. 

It is proudly sustainable too in its zero waste policy in terms of furnishings, choosing to not remove and replace some of its perhaps tired pieces, for they have not reached the end of their lifespan. Even its slippers are made from recycled plastic bottles. Slow, steady and sustainably done is the ethos here.

To celebrate Earth Day, you may view our collection of nature-borne pieces here.