Introducing Our Hardware Collection

Carefully considered hardware always forms the backbone of a room, the finishing nuts and bolts that ensure its smooth running and aesthetic cohesion. The hardest working of heroes, it is the latches, bolts, handles and knobs to which we always turn to underpin the whole, the enduring threads that draw a look together.


Our Four Core Finishes

The quiet beauty of understated hardware lies in its capacity to slip undemonstratively into its decorative setting, whether in a peaceful countryside idyl, a demure townhouse, or metropolitan apartment. Our collection comes four core industrial finishes to seamlessly grace every aesthetic: choose from Antique Brass, Matt Brass, Blackened brass, Matt Nickel.

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Quality & Design

Every latch, hook, handle and peg that makes up our hardware collection is handmade and built to last a lifetime. Hardy and enduring, their practicality and design principles are inextricable, the one informing the other and always allowing form to follow function.

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It is so often the small details that elevate a space, bringing cohesion to the myriad components that make up a room. The transformative power of hardware cannot be overstated, its capacity to breathe fresh life into kitchen cupboards, utility rooms and upcycled pieces, thus extending their lives, a source of endless delight.

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Care & Installation

Our hardware collection is designed with great care and precision. Click here for a helpful installation guide and for tips on how, in turn, to care for it and ensure its longevity.